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For over 60 years, Velux has supplied high end, quality windows. With product features surpassing most alternatives on the market, you can be assured of quality and longevity. By choosing Velux windows, you will be choosing the benefits of fresh air, lots of daylight and a clear view - crafting the perfect environment for your home.

Below are a few examples of what's available from Karl Smith Roofing, working around Blackpool, Wyre, Flyde area and beyond, we're closer than you think..

Our expert fitters only use the best materials and suppliers. We trust in Velux as their quality windows offer excellent quality, versatility and value for money. We are proud to be able to offer this product to you as part of our range.

Velux GGL 3059 Centre Pivot roof window

Tried & tested for many years, this is the traditional Velux centre-pivot roof window which offers excellent quality, versatility and value for money. Made from pine and supplied with an internal lacquered finish.

Velux GHL 3059 Top Hung roof window

Specially designed for a shallower pitched roof, this window can be set to three differing opening positions, with the handle situated towards the bottom for easier reaching. The glazing itself is Velux double glazing which reflects 60% of the heat normally lost in winter through the pane itself back into the home. In summer, the same glass reflects the heat from the sun away, aiding to keep the room cooler.

Velux GGL 3059 Centre-Pivot Roof Window:

Velux GHL 3059 Top Hung Roof Window, open to 30 Degrees:

Ideal for the kitchen, bathroom or any other room with a high level of humidity, this Velux window with a white finish, features a completely sealed, waterproof coating. This ensures the timber core of the window is protected from moisture, but also increases the strength of the window and its durability.

Velux GGU 0059 Centre Pivot Roof Window, White:

Velux GGU 0059 Centre Pivot roof window

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